Global Engagement

Below is our current schedule for international engagement and we invite you to register your participation.


  • San Francisco & Silicon Valley Annual Delegation - Including Dealmakers Summit

    24 – 29 March 2019
    Silicon Valley

    Australia, New Zealand & Singapore businesses are invited to attend our annual delegation to The Valley. The delegation includes an exciting, fast-paced programme of world-leading companies including Cisco, IBM Watson Labs, Salesforce, FireEye, RSA, Uber, Amazon Web Services and Cloudera in workshop settings exploring themes of innovation, design thinking, security, agility and organizational culture. This delegation also coincides with the exclusive two-day Israel Dealmakers Summit 2019, where the brightest minds and organisations from the two most innovative eco-systems in the world, Israel and Silicon Valley converge to discuss emerging technologies and develop commercial partnerships.

  • The Annual ASX In Israel Week - Led by Rick Holliday-Smith, Chairman, ASX

    24 - 30 May 2019

    This is a high level delegation by invitation only – please contact the Circle with expressions of interest / for further information.

  • Israel Cyber Leaders Delegation

    21 - 27 June 2019

    In partnership with the Israel Trade Commission (The Commercial and investment arm of the Israeli embassy in Australia), our annual Cyber security delegation to Israel will focus on Israel’s globally renowned and advanced Cyber security industry and will enable the participants to explore the unique eco-system of the ‘Start Up Nation’. This comprehensive program will provide the opportunity to meet with Cyber security companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs, as well as tech incubators and dedicated Venture Capital firms that makes the Israeli cyber ecosystem unique and successful. The visit will coincide with the world-leading CyberWeek19 Conference held in Tel Aviv, featuring Israeli and Global Leaders in Cyber Security. Cyber companies from Australian and New Zealand will also have the opportunity to showcase their capabilities at the Conference.

  • Silicon Valley Women Leaders Study Tour of San Francisco led by Pip Marlow, CEO Customer Marketplace, Suncorp

    31 March – 5 April 2019
    Silicon Valley

    This high level Study Tour for Australian female business leaders will focus on AI, Machine Learning and Big Data and their implications on the future of work. With planned visits to companies including Salesforce, IBM Watson, Cisco, UBER and many others including a hosted Executive Education Day at Stanford University, the Study Tour will provide a unique insight into developments in these fields and their impact on businesses, their employees and their customers. Spaces are limited.

  • Israel Investor and Tech Fusion Delegation

    13 - 20 September 2019

    This week will focus on Innovation, Emerging Technologies and Future Trends, with a program tailored to the investor community in Australia and New Zealand. Investor delegates will be able to explore opportunities to meet startups in search of investment within the ‘Startup Nation’. This visit includes participation in DLD – a prestigious international festival dealing with innovation, digital media, science and culture, which is ‘the place to be’ to for corporates and investors to meet the most innovative startups. Each year global companies such as Google, Intel, Microsoft, Amazon and IBM also take part, along with visitor delegations from all over the world.

  • Singapore e-Invoicing Delegation - Singapore Exchange Summit

    5 – 8 November 2019

    The Australian and New Zealand Prime Ministers have announced that the global e-Invoicing Standard, PEPPOL, will be implemented
    in Australia & NZ during 2019 and this Tour will study Singapore’s experience as well as attending the first “Exchange
    Summit” in Asia Pacific in November. Join ABSIA and the Trans-Tasman Business Circle to attend the Summit and meet with
    government, enterprise and small businesses who have implemented and gained from e-Invoicing implementation in Singapore.
    There is an option to extend to Kuala Lumpur and learn of opportunities in Malaysia and more broadly across ASEAN.

  • Israel Innovation Delegation & Investment Study Tour to Israel

    15 – 21 September 2019

    The Circle, in partnership with the Israel Trade Commission (the commercial and investment arm of the Israeli Embassy in Australia),
    will explore the Israeli innovation system from many perspectives. The week-long visit will focus on Innovation, Emerging
    Technologies and Future Trends across a number of industries including Fintech and Cyber, AgriTech, AI and Big Data. The
    business Delegation will experience the unique Israeli eco-system and will meet with thought leaders of the Start Up Nation.
    The visit will also include an exciting program of high-level private briefings, investment opportunities and visits to leading-edge
    organizations, which will provide participants with exposure to Israel’s groundbreaking culture of innovation and thinking as well
    as a strong cultural and historical element.

  • Australia and New Zealand Innovation Delegation to Ireland

    2019 date TBA

    Ireland has the fastest growth rate in Europe, is recognised for its capability in innovation and is an ideal hub for organisations seeking a European base. Dublin has the most actively funded start-up ecosystem in Europe and is often regarded as the bridge between Europe and the US.


  • Israel

    22 - 28 October 2018
    Official Opening of the Israeli Innovation Center – The Final Project of President Shimon Peres

    This visit will celebrate the Gala Opening with Israel’s Innovation Summit, a first of its kind hosted by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation in Jaffa. The opening of the Israeli Innovation Center will tell the remarkable story of the “Innovation Nation,” and highlight the global human impact of Israel’s achievements, and explore how to expand the “Start-up Nation” into the “Start-up Region. Guests from around the world, (entrepreneurs, leaders of the tech industry, heads of multinational corporations and stakeholders within the innovation ecosystem) - will meet, explore, and experience the “Innovation Nation”. Leading experts in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Technologies and IT Infrastructure, Mobility, Precision Medicine, Food Technologies, Water, Energy and Agriculture will discuss the most pressing innovation topics.

  • Ireland

    18 - 21 September 2018
    Australia and New Zealand Delegation to Ireland - Innovation and Investment

    Ireland has the fastest growth rate in Europe, is recognised for its capability in innovation and is an ideal hub for organisations seeking a European base. Dublin has the most actively funded start-up ecosystem in Europe and is often regarded as the bridge between Europe and the US. Post-Brexit, it will be the only English-speaking country in the EU. Australian and New Zealand businesses are encouraged to join this delegation organised by the Circle with support from the IDA Ireland, Irish – Australian Chamber of Commerce and Australian Government.

  • California

    10 - 14 September 2018
    Australian Energy Delegation to California

    Learn how California is innovating their way to a sustainable energy future across all parts of their economy by joining this Australian delegation organised by the Business Circle and the Energy Efficiency Council. This delegation is an excellent opportunity for Australian leaders in energy policy, utilities and infrastructure to gain an understanding of California’s world leading energy eco-systems, emerging trends, and to establish key bilateral relationships. The delegation will coincide with the highly acclaimed Global Climate Action Summit being held in San Francisco.

  • Israel

    15 - 21 June 2018
    Australia / New Zealand CyberSecurity & FinTech Delegation to Israel

    Our annual Cyber Security Delegation to Israel is an excellent opportunity for leaders in business and innovation, governance, and cyber security to gain an understanding of Israel’s cyber security & FinTech eco-systems and emerging trends. The delegation coincides with the highly acclaimed Cyber Week in Tel Aviv which attracts 5,000 attendees from more than 50 countries. FinTech innovation has been a national priority for Israel over the past 5 years, with an industry consisting of over 250 start-ups, and countless international MNC’s who operate there.

  • New Zealand

    19 - 27 May 2018
    TechWeek ’18 – Innovation that’s good for the world

    The ultimate New Zealand innovation experience. Meet New Zealand’s fastest growing, most innovative businesses. Connect with other influencers and thought leaders. Discover multiple cities and regions across the country. Receive speaking opportunities at Techweek‘18 events. Get access to business lounges and a concierge service across the country. Be offered exclusive behind-the-scenes Techweek experiences and unique opportunities to explore New Zealand.

  • Israel

    4 - 11 May 2018
    New Zealand / Australia AgriTech Delegation to Israel

    The Circle’s annual delegation to Israel focusing on Agtech. This delegation will be led by Fonterra’s Chief Operating Officer Farm Source, Miles Hurrell and will coincide with the highly acclaimed triennial Agritech Israel Exhibition and Conference in Tel Aviv - Israel has long been recognised for its ground-breaking innovation in agriculture and one of the biggest achievements of Israeli agriculture has been the ability of farmers to utilize the country’s desert areas as greenhouses. Israel also has the highest yield of milk per cow in the world.

  • Silicon Valley

    19 - 23 March 2018
    Including Dealmakers Summit

    Our annual delegation to the Valley. This tailored program coincides with the most high profile annual meeting of Business Leaders from the two leading innovation hubs – Silicon Valley and Israel. The Delegation will include attendance at the exclusive two-day Dealmakers Summit where corporations, investors, dealmakers and entrepreneurs converge from around the world to discuss emerging technologies and develop commercial partnerships.

  • Bespoke Delegations

    Create your own!

    Using our 25 year experience and global outreach, we can tailor a bespoke delegation around your company/leadership retreat objectives. A growing number of our Members are recognising that 3-5 day Delegations are excellent for learning new ideas, meeting new offshore contacts and team-building.

    To express your interest for the above Delegations, please contact

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