Our Next Circle

For Leaders in Portfolio Careers

Staying engaged with the business and wider community

Our Next Circle (ONC) is the Circle’s latest platform for Leaders and Directors who have moved or transitioned from full-time employment into a Portfolio Career.

The objective is to build a forum that offers shared experiences, ideas and knowledge transfer for those who wish to stay engaged in the business and wider community.

ONC has been developed to:

  • share professional opportunities such as directorships, consulting and short-term projects;

  • provide continuous learning; and

  • offer opportunities to ‘give back.’


ONC comprises monthly briefings featuring business and government leaders speaking on the following Series:

  • Stories I Can Now Share features personal stories that leaders could not discuss in previous roles, including anecdotes, incidents and challenges that remained secret at the time but can now be shared with peers, perspectives on some business highs and lows, ‘war stories’, and observations about current business.

  • New Tech Trends covers topics such as AI, Blockchain, Robots and some of the new developments that face Directors. It will provide insights that will help increase their understanding so that they can better fulfill their roles and responsibilities. This may include coverage of VC developments, start-up stories and the Ethics of AI.

  • Giving Back hosts leaders and organisations who will provide practical advice to Directors on ‘giving back’ including opportunities to make contributions via mentoring, micro-financing and business advising.

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  • Hon Nick Greiner AC, Chairman, QBE Asia Pacific, 14 August, Sydney

  • Tony Stuart, Chief Executive Officer, UNICEF Australia, 3 September, Sydney

  • Pamela Williams, Investigative Journalist and Author, 24 October, Sydney

  • Joseph Healy, Co-Founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer and David Hornery, Co-Founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer, Judo Bank, 7 November, Sydney

  • Dr Matthew Bell, Asia Pacific Managing Partner of Climate Change and Sustainability Services, EY, 5 March 2020, Sydney




For more information, please contact Maddie Cunningham, General Manager, Our Next Circle 



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