Mentoring, developing and nurturing

The SportsConnect Elevate Mentoring Program provides

  • Professional development and career pathway advice to athletes for transitioning from Sport to Business.

  • Athletes with an exclusive mentoring programme with Australia’s elite business and sporting leaders as mentors.

  • Strategic advice (including funding), enlisting and administration for accredited vocational training  programs.

  • Workplace internships within Australia’s leading companies through a placement programme through our corporate network.

  • Work experience programmes with our business partners and corporate network.

  • A mentoring and up-skilling programme for Ambassadors by SportsConnect Patrons and selected business leaders.

  • Influential introductions to assist with a career transition or professional growth.

  • Specialised financial management and investment advice and a dedicated financial management plan for athletes, player managers and the athlete’s families.


The Trans - Tasman Business Circle is a strategic growth partner for the region’s leading organisations in the private and public sector.

The Circle partners with our clients to build their strategic relationships, business insights and profile by developing customised programs for stakeholder engagement.


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