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HealthTech: Are you ready for the future of health?

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The health industry is undergoing unprecedented transformation, driven by demographic shifts, emerging technologies and empowered consumers demanding more control. Is your business ready for the future of health?
Join our Executive Innovation Workshop, led by global venture studio and innovation group BlueChilli. In this two hour immersive program, learn how to build an innovation culture in your business, identify and bring viable new ideas to life in record time with minimum risk, and hear from a HealthTech startup founder on their entrepreneurial journey.

BlueChilli is a global venture studio and innovation group, empowering people anywhere to solve society’s greatest challenges with technology. Established in 2012, the company has built 130+ startups and delivered innovation programs to some of APAC’s leading corporations and global brands.

Lisa Fahey, Founder CTARS
Lisa is an expert psychologist specialising in the support of clients with very complex needs and in strategic planning for care providers and their customers. As a Clinical Director, supervisor, speaker and mentor, Lisa has fostered ethical excellence and a clear understanding of holistic care in psychologists, clinicians, and trainees. Lisa and her husband Brendan, a passionate entrepreneur; have worked together closely together to spearheaded the creation of not one, but two specialist companies; CTARS and Quovus, both of which have substantially and collectively “raised the bar" in the area of human services.
Along with decades of clinical experience, Lisa's specialty is the implementation of systems and the development of planning and procedures to meet specific care provider requirements. She has a strong background in the development of clinical work-based competencies, supervision, accreditation and assessment tools. Her experience in providing clinical and programming consultation and support in the area of behavioural change is complemented by effective interpersonal skills to enhance communication with people from diverse backgrounds. Extending on her interest and career investment in shaping the quality of services in the human service sector, Lisa achieved a PhD in Psychology for her research into the impact of trauma on carer capacity; and has continued to focus on training and intervention models both in Australia and the USA.

Dr Benson Riddle, Founder and CMO Alixir
Dr. Benson is the medical, ethical and regulatory brains behind Alixir.
He is a qualified (and practicing) GP with an interest in preventative health, dermatology and corporate wellness. He is passionate about bringing strategic and ethical artificial intelligence into the healthcare ecosystem to foster a more efficient system with better patient outcomes

Dr Joe Logan, Founder and CTO Alixir
Joe is the main tech guy here at Alixir, having over 25 years experience of programming and development, in addition to pursuing his PhD candidature at UTS in software engineering and AI.
He has vast experience of software engineering throughout the stack, and specialises in data science and machine learning implementation with Pandas, Hadoop, Python, Keras, PyTorch and TensorFlow. He is also awesome with web and mobile frameworks such as React and Node, in addition to VR/AR development with C# and Unity.


Dr Benson Riddle Founder and CMO

Ms Claudia Barriga-Larriviere Head of People

Mr Luther Poier Chief Financial Officer

Ms Lisa Fahey Founder

Dr Joe Logan Founder and CTO




Theme: The Innovation Circle

City: Sydney

Date: Thursday, 4 July 2019

Time: 12:00 PM  - 02:10 PM

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BlueChilli: Level 3, 125 York St, Sydney

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