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Human Centred Design and the opportunities and challenges for organisations adopting this approach.

Opher Yom-Tov’s role as global Chief Design Officer is the first such role of any bank worldwide. With over 20 years’ experience supporting some of the world’s biggest brands including Apple, Microsoft, Pfizer, P&G, NASA and Intel, he is tasked with ensuring that all teams at ANZ can apply Human Centred Design (HCD) to solve tough problems and build compelling experiences for customers and staff. In his presentation, Opher will describe this approach and explain why it is so valuable to all organisations, sharing stories from a broad range of industries, government and non-profits. He will also talk about the inherent challenges and opportunities for organisations adopting this approach.


Mr Opher Yom-Tov Global Chief Design Officer
ANZ Banking Group Limited


Theme: The Innovation Circle

City: Auckland

Date: Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Time: 12:00 PM  - 02:00 PM

Venue Details

ANZ Pavilion: Ground Level, ANZ Centre, 23-29 Albert Street, Auckland

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