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New Zealand and Australia Innovation Delegation to Ireland

The Circle, in partnership with IDA Ireland (Ireland’s Foreign Direct Investment Agency), is leading an Innovation Mission to Ireland in September 12th-15th. The Mission is timely considering the current post-Brexit uncertainty and the need for businesses to re-asses their access and overall positioning within the European market.

We invite a senior nominee’s to join leading Australian & New Zealand companies in sending representation on this delegation to explore Irish Innovation and the opportunities in a country that has created the most actively funded start-up ecosystem in Europe. It would be great to discuss the areas that would be of most interest to you.

Why Ireland and what areas may be of interest:
- Collaborative and thriving start-up scene – Dublin is home to over 1,200 start ups, supporting this is Enterprise Ireland, a government funded body that is ranked 3rd most active Venture Capitalists in the world for seed investment
- Irish Tech sector and track record with global Tech Companies – 250 Technology companies has a presence in Ireland with global companies such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Apple placing European headquarters in Ireland.
- Global recognised R&D facilities and tax credits for increased investment – Government Agencies, Research Institution/Universities and Industry all contribute to connected research environment with the Irish Government offering favourable tax credits for investment from the private sector in this area.
- Access to top talent & skilled workforce – Ireland has highest % proportion of STEM graduates in the EU. It has the youngest population – 40% under 30
- Growth in Europe - Ireland is the fastest growing economy in Europe for the last 3 years and is often the landing point for US technology.

For further information or to register for the Mission, please contact




City: Dublin

Date: Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Time: 09:00 AM  - 02:30 AM

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Dublin, Ireland

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