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SheStarts is the only venture-backed accelerator program for women-led startups in Australia. Powered by BlueChilli, the award-winning program was designed to turbocharge female leadership in the innovation economy.

Join our Executive Innovation Workshop, led by global venture studio and innovation group BlueChilli. In this two hour immersive program, learn how to build an innovation culture in your business, identify and bring viable new ideas to life in record time with minimum risk, and hear from our startup founders from SheStarts on their entrepreneurial journey.

BlueChilli is a global venture studio and innovation group, empowering people anywhere to solve society’s greatest challenges with technology. Established in 2012, the company has built 130+ startups and delivered innovation programs to some of APAC’s leading corporations and global brands.


Mr Luther Poier Chief Financial Officer

Dr Louise Metcalfe Founder

Dr Carla Harris CEO & Co-founder
Longevity App

Ms Danielle Owen Whitford Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ms Colette Grgic Chief Innovation Officer


Ashurst   BlueChilli  


Theme: The Innovation Circle

City: Sydney

Date: Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Time: 12:00 PM  - 02:10 PM

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Ashurst: Level 11, 5 Martin Pl, Sydney

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Ashurst   BlueChilli  


The Trans - Tasman Business Circle is a strategic growth partner for the region’s leading organisations in the private and public sector.

The Circle partners with our clients to build their strategic relationships, business insights and profile by developing customised programs for stakeholder engagement.


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