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Unchain - Blockchain and Bitcoin

The 2018 Emerging Leaders, Twilight Talks brings together emerging and contemporary leaders in an informal and trusted environment. 

The series, partnered by CPA Australia is designed to inspire emerging leaders and provides an interactive forum for New Zealand's most dynamic leaders to share their professional insights and personal stories in an intimate, off the record setting.  

Andy is General Manager of Strategic Partnerships at world leading blockchain venture studio Centrality. This blockchain based ecosystem enables separate node/scene businesses to work together to gain scale through shared acquisition of users, data, content and merchants. Centrality is partnering with leading innovators in key industries (tourism, health, mobility and banking) to create a marketplace of applications. These applications allow consumers to manage everyday tasks and experiences using peer-to-peer transactions — all via one login and using blockchain-enabled infrastructure.  Andy will ensure Centrality partners with world leading brands to achieve widespread consumer exposure and mainstream adoption for the platform. 

Andy’s formative years were spent in leadership roles with MTV Networks Europe where he developed multi-platform advertising and media content strategies and properties for global media network distribution.  As co-founder of Accelerate Sport (now CSM) he sold and developed commercial rights in the world of rugby and introduced long term sponsors to the game. 

As a former Director and Executive Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development Executive Leadership team Andy was responsible for numerous digital, media and commercial partnerships in Auckland. 


Mr Andy Higgs General Manager of Strategic Partnerships


CPA Australia  


Theme: Emerging Leaders

City: Auckland

Date: Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Time: 05:30 PM  - 07:30 PM

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CPA Australia: Level 16, HSBC House, 1 Queen Street, Auckland

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