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Resilient Leadership Professional Development

We invite you to nominate a participant for the Leaders For The Emerging Future course which will complement a commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a leadership culture within your organisation by delivering on the following topics and key areas of focus: 

  • Self-Awareness 
  • Impact leadership
  • Personal resilience  
  • Conflict resolution and mastering anxiety
  • Adaptability and change
  • Communication
  • Mental Fitness

This immersive 5-week course is designed for real impact and change to develop managers with soft skills to better connect, while understanding how the digital transformation is affecting learning and development. Ideal participants are mid-career senior leaders who will have demonstrated leadership capability and are managing a team, or portfolios of significance. 


Leaders For The Emerging Future Programme (6 March - 3 April)
Leaders For The Emerging Future Programme (6 March - 3 April)


Theme: Emerging Leaders

City: Auckland

Date: Friday, 6 March 2020

Time: 08:30 AM  - 04:30 PM

Venue Details

Generator - Executive Boardroom, level 12, 11 Britomart Place, Auckland (access via Espresso Workshop)

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The Trans - Tasman Business Circle is a strategic growth partner for the region’s leading organisations in the private and public sector.

The Circle partners with our clients to build their strategic relationships, business insights and profile by developing customised programs for stakeholder engagement.


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